The following is an abstract of the record swornand subscribed in open court according to law as recorded in the Recordsand Minutes of the Wayne County (Indiana) Circuit Court, Book D, May 1835to October 1838.

John Ryanan applicant who wishes to become a Citizen of the United States now herecomes into open court and files the following declaration to wit,îBe it remembered that on the second day of the Wayne County Circuit Courtof the Term of September 1836, He personally came into open court JohnRyan who being duly sworn says that he was twenty four years of age the5th day of May 1836 that he was born in the Town of Kelly in the Countyof KilKinney in Ireland where he always resided until he emigrated to theUnited States , that he arrived in the United States on the 5th day ofJune 1832 and he has resided in said state each day that he now residesin the Borough of Richmond County of Wayne and State of Indiana and thatit is and has been his bona fide intention become a Citizen of the UnitedStates and to renounce forever loyalty to any foreign prince or potentatestate or sovereignty whatever and all allegiance and fidelity to William4th King of Great Britain Ireland and of the British sovereignty whichhe is now a subject.
John Ryan
Sworn and subscribed in open court according to law
Records & Minutes
Wayne Circuit Court
Book D
May 1835 to Oct. 1838