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This photois believed to be an 1898 photo and was taken at an occasion that involvedBlanche Greenen and her cousin Ruby Krueger... both of whom appear to bedressed in some sort of "formal uniform" in the picture... probably anevent at St. John's in Indianapolis, where they attended school. The photo can best be analyzed by focusing on Katie Ryan Greenen, who isseated in the center of the photo of the photo beside her husband, JosephW. Greenen who is seated in a rocking chair.  I believe the elderlylady at Katie's right is her mother, Sarah Moore Ryan.  The tall girlwith her bow "askew" (standing above her father, J.W.) is Katie's daughter,Blanche.  After careful study, I believe the remainder of the peoplein the photo are the family of Katie's sister, Julia Krueger.  Thestout balding gentleman would be Karl Krueger, and the rest of the youngpeople would be his children, though we do NOT have documentation aboutthe family of Julia Ryan and Karl Krueger as of August 2001.  Julia'sabsence from the photo is compatible with the history that she "ran off"and was not heard from again.

I believe I havethe caption correct!  Anyone have anything to add???


This photois from about 1935.  It shows shows Blanche Greenen Drew (second fromright) with her daughter, (Blanche) "Cecelia" Drew (at far left,) Her brother,Charles's wife, Amelia ("Millie") Dewenter Greenen (between them.) The lady at the far right remains unidentified.
This photoshows Blanche Greenen (later Drew)  wearing some kind of medal...most likely won in the field of music.  I believe the date I wrotein the caption is WRONG!  Most likely Blanche is only about 15 or16 here... which would date this photo in 1895 or '96.  Note thatthe dress is NOT the same as in the photo below... but I suspect the twophotos represent an "annual" event at which Blanche was honored with amedal.

This pictureis of Blanche Greenen Drew... probably at about age 16.  Note thatshe is wearing some kind of medal... assumedly the occasion for havingher picture taken.  Most likely the medal was for an accomplishmentin music which the focus of her curriculum while at St. John's Academyin Indianapolis...  a curiculum equivalent to "high school" ...butdifferent!

Info is fromthe back of the photo... so we can trust it to be corrrect!  Estimateddate is 1898!

This ismost definitely Blanche Greenen Drew's wedding picture.  Note thatthe dress is definitely different than that in the picture (in Greenen-1)where she is wearing the big hat.  Blanche and "Harry" Drew were marriedin June of 1909; so they were both age 29 when they were married.

I believethe caption is correct and speaks for itself.  This postcard and theone just below are both dated July 1, 1909... thus confirming that Blancheand Harry were married in JUNE, 1909.

This postcard was written by Sara "Katie" Ryan Greenen to her daughter Blanche GreenenDrew and her new husband James "Harry" Drew while Blanche and Harry wereon their honeymoon.  Note that "Katie" does a good job of dottingi's... but gets failing grades in crossing t's.  The meaning of thisis beyond the scope of genealogy, I am sure.  Some background thatis between the lines of this postcard and the one above:  Contemporarieswould have understood that taking "Katie" out for a "spin" and to the "movies"would have been a break from taking care of a wheelchair bound husband"J.W."  He was very much alive (until 1918) and lived to see manyof his grandchildren... but from a wheelchair.  As to why he wouldnot have joined his wife and son for dinner and a movie and a ride in the"machine" ...He was just NOT ABLE.

This isa photo of Blanche Greenen Drew and all 7 of her children.  The picture(probably 1922) was taken at Willoughby Beach... near Cleveland Ohio wherethe family lived from about 1918 till 1925.  The photo shows the Drewchildren (at back- left to right)WilliamKevin, Richard Francis.(in Blanche's arms,) James Joseph,DanielGreenen,and Mary Louise. Seated in Front is (Blanche) "Cecelia"holding EdwardVincent.

The captionappears to be correct and unchallenged.

The originalcaption can still be seen on the uncropped version of this picture. [Notvisible on the "cropped" photo above.]  It is My grandmother, BlancheGreenen Drew holding my father, Daniel Greenen Drew who is about two weeksold in the photo.

The originalcaption is easily seen on this photo also... It shows James H. ("Harry")Drew holding his eldest child, James Joseph... and Blanche Greenen Drewholding their second-born, Daniel Greenen Drew at age four months.