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This photowas taken December 7, 1884 in the home of the Joseph W.  Greenen familyat 120 N. Arsenal Avenue in Indianapolis  Blanche (4) is seatedon her mother's lap and her 4 brothers are shown (left to right:) AlfredClement(8),  Thomas William (8, seated on his father's lap), CharlesPeter, and John Joseph ("Joe.") J.W. Greenen's age was 42and his wife, Sarah Catherine ("Katie")Ryan Greenen was 36.

Date ofthis photo is about 1898.  The place is not identified.  Thegentleman in the background (Seated up on the porch) is "J.W." Greenen. There can be NO DOUBT that the young lady on the lower step is his daughter,BLANCHECECELIA GREENEN... Later Drew.  The young man behind Blanche mightbe one of her brothers (perhaps Alf?)  The young lady seated on thetop step is Blanche's cousin, RUBY KRUEGER, (Daughter of Julia RyanKrueger.)  The young man might also be Ruby's brother or some othercousin.  It is believed that the picture was taken at a "Ryan sisters(Greenen-Krueger) gathering" there are other photos taken on thissame day which tend to confirm that.


This isCharles Peter Greenen; eldest son of "J.W." and Sara "Katie" Ryan Greenen. Someone probably labelled the back of the picture after Charles DewenterGreenen was already an adult... and the "Sr." thing was needed to distinguishthe two "Charlie Greenen's"
This photowas taken in 1910 at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis.  Otherphotos taken the same day are clearly labelled.  This photo was notlabeled, however it is believed to show Charles P. Greenen at the wheelwith his mother, Katie Ryan Greenen in the passenger seat. 
This photofrom about 1922 was taken at the home of  "Joe" & Esther Greenenat 1530 Sturm Avenue in Indianapolis.  Jim & Dan Drew are thetwo boys in ties... with Jim above & left and Dan at right.  Thethree girls in dresses are "Joes" daughters: On the top step are DorothyHelen (left) and Mary Esther (right.)  In front of them is their youngestsister, Grace Frances.  The boy in the hat and tie is Charles DewenterGreenen, son of Charles P. Greenen.  The little girl in the overcoatwith her hand in her pocket is Blanche "Cecelia" Drew. 
No longerany need for the question mark!  This is definitely John Joseph ("Joe")Greenen... second born of "J.W." Greenen and Sarah "Katie" Ryan Greenen. Andy says photo was taken about 1903... at age 30.   "Joe" assumedthe name "Joseph J. Greenen" on many formal documents throughout his lifebut was baptized "John Joseph Greenen."  He had the nickname "TheDude."
This photoshowsThomas William Greenen in Fourth Degree Knights of Columbusgarb.  It has been identified by Tom's daughters.  The photowas taken in the back yard of the family home in Pittsburgh Kansas in 1924.

This photowas taken at Thanksgiving 1911.  Joseph W. ("J.W.") Greenen is seatedin the center in his wheelchair.  [One theory about the garment heis wearing is that its purpose was to hide his wheelchair... the back ofwhich is visible nonetheless.]  Shown from left to right are: Esther("Essie") Gagan Greenen holding her firstborn Mary Esther, Sarah ("Katie")Ryan Greenen,  Blanche Cecelia Greenen Drew,  Mary ElizabethKruse Dewenter & her husband, Casper Dewenter, James H. ("Harry") Drewholding his firstborn, James J. Drew,  "Joe" (John Joseph) Greenen, and Amelia Dewenter Greenen, wife of Charles P. Greenen whom we assumetook the picture. 
The actuallabel (that goes in the black space) will come later when we are more certainof things.  We now feel certain that the two adults are Joseph W.("J.W.") and Sarah "Katie" Greenen.  We also feel certain that thelittle girl is Blanche Greenen (later Drew.)  Obviously, the pictureshows only two of Blanche's four brothers... which is what throws us alittle.  The boys are probably Charlie and Joe.  The two youngerbrothers (Tom and Alf) were either not at home... or were misbehaving toobadly to have their pictures taken.  The boys in the picture looklike they'd rather be playing baseball or swimming.  The photo, Ibelieve, was taken in 1883... and obviously in the summertime... with baseballand bat ready Fourth of July Flag out, and vines climbing all over theporch.   Note that in 1884, all girls had to have their legscovered at all times... even on the Fourth of July!   Again,I do believe J.W.'s rheumatoid infirmity is visible in this photo if youlook closely at his hands.
This photowas taken about 1910 in Indianapolis.  Seated in the back seat areJoseph W. ("J.W.") Greenen and his wife, Sarah ("Katie") Ryan Greenen. Seated in the front seat is Amelia Dewenter Greenen, their daughter-in-law,wife of Charles P. Greenen.  It is assumed that "Charlie" (an avidphotographer) took the picture.
This isBlanche Greenen (later Drew.)  The occasion was possibly her graduationfrom St. John's Academy in 1899, but may be a later occasion.  Thedress she is wearing in this photo is NOT her wedding dress (see weddingphotos) Graduation would make her 19 in this photo... She was 29 when shegot married.

I believe this isprobably Charles Peter Greenen.  He would have been about 32 at turnof the century; so this photo would "jive" with his birth date and ourestimate of when the photo was taken.  I would not argue with anyonewho said it was one his younger brothers.

It is surmisedthat these two young men might be the sons of Julia Ryan Kruger, and thereforebrothers to Blanche Greenen's cousin and "soulmate" Ruby Krueger. The photo was found in a collection handed down from Blanche to here children;so it was a prevailing assumption for a while that this photo shows twoGreenen brothers.  More recently it has become clear that they areNOT Blanche's brothers; but the fellow at right (with the handle bar mustache)shows up in other photos with Ruby Krueger.  Estimated date of thephoto is 1895 - 1900.  Unfortunately, as of August 2001 there is nodocumentation regarding Ruby's siblings... and therefore this photo remainsa mystery.
This photois a BIG MYSTERY!  It was found in all the "turn of the century" Greenenstuff and the dress etc. looks that way too.  I have two ideas inmind about who this might be.  [Both my ideas might be wrong] One would be that this could be one of Blanche's two "girl cousins" thatare written about... either Ruby or Sarah. 
Definitely CharlesP. Greenen.  Info on the photo says so!

Mystery photo. This picture was found in a collection of "turn of the century" Greenenphotos passed down by Blanche Greenen Drew to her children.

This photo is a mystery.  Can anybody help?

Too badthe question marks were on the back of the photo.  This is a MOSTINTERESTING one!  After much study, the best assumption is that thisphoto shows Mary Conway Greenen (born 1810) with two of her grandchildren...but they do NOT appear to be the children of Joseph.  They are probablythe children of one of here other children, Mary, Anna, or Michael (See Greenen Family History posted at

Mystery Photo!

Mystery Photo! One guess would be Julia Ryan Krueger.  Another guess couldbe Ellen Coffield Greenen, wife of Michael Greenen.

The pencilmark you see on the photo was (perhaps) put there by the same person wholabelled the back of the picture "Blanche?"  Neither the pencil markor the question mark were my idea... and were probably made by a contemporary...(Who else would call her by her first name?)  The arrow points toa little girl of about 10 in the front row.  If that is Blanche, thenthis is about a 1890 photo.... and that date would jive with the propertiesof the photo.  At this time, Blanche would have been attending St.John's Grammar School in Indianapolis.