These are NOTES ONLY

Her daughter, Jamie, lives in Trenton OH... has all the records...also e-mail and internet access.

The Grahams have several census reports including 1850 and others.

Pat does not know date of marriage nor place.   Urbana orIndy???
Mary would have turned 18 in 1864.
She knows nothing of the 1863 Urbana marriage record between a MaryGreenan and John Tulley.
   Our "Mary" would have been only 19 at that time.

Patrick and Mary had 7 or 8 children (at least) five? boys & three? girls.
Patrick went by name of "John Graham"    died Jan 2, 1907   (age 65 & 67... records conflict)
Jane Elizabeth: b. Sept. 10, 1871  d. Aug 2, 1939.
        Bill Flynn says Jane was retarded.... nevermarried... Lived with Nellie Graham Flynn & family.
Eva ("Effie") Catherine (?)  b. Dec. 271878     d. ??
Mary Ellen ("Nellie")  b. Mar. 19, 1872 or 73    d.  Aug 17, 1943
        Married William Hetherman Flynn... farmer ...Irish immigrant (came at age 8 with brothers & no parents ...Williamlived in orphanage in Cincinnati for a while.. worked for a woman namedRyan in Woodstock Ohio which became his hometown.  Much of this notyet documented.
William Edward   Mar. 20, 1876   d. ? (probably late 20s or early 30's)
Lavina     b. Jan 12, 1885   d. ??
Joseph    b. Sept 23 (?28) 1886
Anna   b. June 15, 1877    d. Mar 26, 1904   (died of Tuberculosis) Jamie will send obit.
James P. F. Graham   ("Frank") Jan.31, 1890

Graham family of Greenville is decended from Frank.
Frank Jr. would be second cousin to my dad but never knew about anyof his Indianapolis cousins.
     Frank Jr. remembers very little about hisdad or grandmother Greenen but states his dad (Frank Sr.) died when hewas 11.
      Frank Sr. died at age ~ 44 in ~ 1935.
      Mary must have had Frank "late in life"as his birthday calculates out to be around 1890... & Mary would havebeen 44 then.
            Was Frank the youngest of her children???
      It seems that Patrick Graham and MaryGreenen Graham raised their family on a large farm in Fayetteville nearCincinnati. (on U.S. 50)
       Several of Frank Sr.'s brothers(Frank Jr.'s uncles) stayed in Fayettville and were remembered as being"very rural"
         Frank Jr. recallshis uncles as being like the "Beverly Hillbillies."  ...old countyIrishmen.
      It is not known how Patrick & Marywound up in Fayetteville after getting married in Urbana.
      Frank Sr. (Mary's son) ran a grocerystore in Fayetteville till he died... years would have been about 1915- 1935 or thereabouts.
      After Frank Sr.'s death their mother(nee Jeffries) took all the children and moved to her father's farm nearGreenville Ohio... the Jeffries farm.
      Jeffries family was non Catholic.   Frank has story to tell about how and why she gave up on promise to raisechildren Catholic.

     In about 1961 I was inCincinnati ~~ working on the road for my father's company.  I wasgiven the name and address of a family in Cincinnati whom I should visit. I'm fairly sure I was told that these were relatives... maybe Greenen relatives.  It would be an important thing for me to do, my dad said, because the familyhad a daughter about my age.  I was about 20 years old and just leftthe Catholic Seminary.   I knew nothing about girls and was drivinga pick up truck and didn't know my way around Cincinnati... and for allkinds of reasons I didn't make the visit.   Could these havebeen Greenens or Grahams living in Cincy at that time?   DCD

The Greenen/Ryan/Poirier bible attests that Patrick Graham died June2, 1907.
Same bible shows Mary Greenen Graham's death on May 11, 1921.

November 8, 2000 Dear Jamie & Dan BothJohn W. & Lavenia Graham Foley at buried in Calvary Cemetery as youstated but in Indianapolis, Indiana and not
     Springfield , OhioLaveniaGraham Foley was interred Feb. 16, 1962 Interment #29758 age 76 Lot 83Section 5  last address 2444 North Meridian St. Indianapolis,
     Indiana Parish shewas buried from is Cathedral next of kin: husband John W. Foley MortuaryFeeney-Kirby Double grave marker made by Hoosier Monument
     Company John W. Foleyhusband of Lavenia Graham Foleyaddress 351 South Belmont St. Springfield,Ohio buried with Lavenia in Calvary Cemetery Indianapolis,
     Indiana Lot 83 section5 died June 15, 1968 Interred June 18, 1968 interment #34450parish buriedfrom St. Raphael Springfield, OhioMortuary: Conroy Springfield,
     Ohio Jamie do youknow anything about this person?Mary Graham buried in Holy Cross CemeteryIndianapolis, Indiana  Lot 282 section 10-D Interred July 23, 1879no
     other informationgiven.Could this be one of your relatives? For a period of time Dan &I thought this could have been Mary E. Greenen daughter of Peter Greenenuntil
     we found other informationthat showed that it was not her. Dan & I don't know who she is?Andy

Mary died in Indy.  Pat is not sure where Patrick Graham died;but says that they believe they may have lived separately for a time. One census shows Mary living in Indy with her brother Michael.  Noone seems sure why that was.  Probably after the children were allraised... which would have been near the turn of the century.
We need to be careful here; as there were more than one "Mary Greenens"and maybe 3 or 4 who went by that name ~~ counting children.
SOME (at least one) Mary Greenen is unaccounted for... but is DEFINITELYNOT Mary Greenen Graham.

There are hints that Patrick may have had the "Irish affliction" tothe point of an intolerable fault... but no details.
At the time of Mary's death, it is obvious that (at least some of)their children felt they should be buried side by side.

They are buried together in Springfield Ohio.  Graham family haspictures of headstones.



Greenen/Ryan/Poirier bible lists a MARY GREENEN O'BRIEN who diedJan 6, 1914 at age 58!
    This would make her birth year about 1856
    If she was another daughter to Peter Greenen &Mary CONWAY, then her mother bore her at age 46... AND
    She would have been the SECOND child to go by thename of Mary in this family.... AND
    She would be the "missing" person from the "fivegrown children" mentioned in Peter's obituary.    ...AND
    Why is there no other document anywhere which atteststo her existence?
        This bible has thus farand otherwise been almost 100% trustworthy!
            WHO WAS THIS WOMAN?

Other Interested Greenen Relatives
BILL FLYNN:   Oldest of 10  Retired from Delco
             4001 Wagner Road    Kettering OH   45440     (937) 299-7381

Charla Graham-Gold     Great grand daughter to MaryGreenen  (daughter of Charles)    Lives in California
Joanie Graham Honey    Great grand daughter to MaryGreenen:  (daughter of Joe Graham) West Carollton Ohio