~ 1874 ~
The mapat right shows Peter Greenen's land holdings in Union Township, ChampaigneCounty, Ohio as of 1874.  It  must be remembered that this was25 years AFTER Peter first arrived in the county.  It is likely thatby 1874 Peter and Mary Greenen had already moved to Indianapolis wheretheir two sons (and Peter himself) were heavily involved in railroading. It is possible that one of their married daughters were living on thisland at the time... and it is not known whether Peter finally sold theland, or whether it might have passed on to his heirs.

Earlier documents are being sought; butthis one is interesting in its own right because of what became of thenorthern most plot shown.

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The two large red >symbols indicate where the two plots are located.  Present day (2000)US 36 and Highway 29 are indicated in blue; and the town of Mutual is shownin red text.  Ludlow Pike still carries that name... and is also knownin 2000 as highway 884.

URBANA, OHIO ~~ 1874
Scenes from the time of Peter and Mary and their children.

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The drawings above were photographed inthe Champaigne County Library and are authentic 1874 reproductions. Each can be seen full size by clicking on the pictures.  They shouldall be self explanatory; but the "Oak Side Farm" is particularly interestingbecause it would be within a mile of the Greenen farms.  Note thatthe "Walnut Valley Farm" drawing depicts a "working" 1874 train.


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The "southern" farmor plot looks like this from Ludlow Pike.  It appears that the courseof Ludlow Pike has been changed somewhat over the years; so it is difficultto tell where property lines were.  It is certain, however, that weare looking at some of Peter's land; even though it is not certain wherethe 1874 property lines are.
As for the "northern" farm or plot, a specialsurprise awaited us when we traced our way to that site during a visitin November of 2000.
During my November2000 visit I set out to find the "north farm" using the 1874 map aboveand a 1999 map from the phone book.  Starting at the intersectionof US 36 and Ludlow Pike (where I also found an "old timer" to talk to)I paced out the map using my compass and odometer... traveling about amile on US 36 and looking for the first right turn.


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The picture above is what greeted me. Peter Greenen's "north farm" is now a part of the Urbana Country Club'sgolf course.  But that is not the end of the "surprises."  Cometo find out, our family has an unexpected tie to the famous "Pete Dye"family of golf course fame.

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What once was PeterGreenen's "north farm" has been transformed over the years into an exquisitegolf course, designed by "Pete Dye."  Of special interest is the factthat Pete Dye and his family are actually from Urbana.  I was toldthat Pete's father designed the "front nine" and his son designed the "backnine" many years later.

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Above, Jamie Graham-Hayes, Great greatgranddaughter of Peter Greenen, is seen on the deck of the Urbana Countryclub with the golf course in the background.  The camera is lookingsouthwest; and, by my best calculations we are probably looking at formerGreenen property.


You might be able to tell from the picture...but, just in case, I must tell you that it was a special treat to "stomp"on the ancestral ground.