At about 6 p.m. on Tuesday evening, July 9, 1878,Peter Greenen was killed in a horrible accident at a train crossing inIndianapolis where he was working as the "crossing guard" for the "Panhandle"(The Columbus, Chicago and Indiana Central Railway.) The five newspaperarticles which follow on this web page speak for themselves in describing(perhaps too vividly) the tragic accident.

Careful research has shown that some of the informationin these obituary notices is incorrect.  Apparently there was a typeof "news-service" in place at the time wherein a single reporter wouldgather information and pass it on to several newspapers; as the articlesare all consistent in misspelling the Greenen name.  Furthermore,careful and accurate research has revealed that Peter's age was 68 at thetime of his death... NOT 60.

All other details in these obituary notices dovetail and reconcile completelywith the historical information in the hands of his descendants.   DCD  2000

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