Even in the 18th and 19th  Centuries, the ancestral Greenen "parishchurch," Saint Columba's, was a subordinate church under the jurisdictionof Assumption Parish in Tullamore.  The baptisms, marriages,and deaths which occurred at St. Columba's were actually recorded in the"main registry" at Tullamore.  The registry is kept at the "ParochialHouse" in Tullamore which is pictured above.   The photo showsJohnMichael Drew, (right) and our historian-guide, Mr. Watson Mills,(left) with the Parochial House and the spire of Assumption church in thebackground.  John is gggreat grandson to Peter Greenen and Mary ConwayGreenen, and Grandson of Daniel Greenen Drew.

Above is a photo of the registry entry for the marriage of PeterGreenen and Mary Conway.  As has been pointed out, each priestseemed to use a different spelling for the Greenen name, as well as theConway name.  The entry above indicates that "Peter Grennen and MaryConvey were married the 18th of September (1841 is not showing but is clearfrom the page headings.)  The witnesses were John Colgan and MargaretByrne.

The photo above shows the baptismal registry entry for Joseph, sonof Peter Greenen and Mary Conway.  The date is really not decipherablefrom the photo; but was December 9, 1842.  This son came to Americaas 7 year old (attested by his obituary and the 1850 census) and latermarried Sara Catherine ("Katie") Ryan and had many descendents.  Hehad an illustrious career in railroading... being employed for 50 yearswith the forerunners of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

The photo above shows the baptismal entry for Michael, son of PeterGreenen and Mary Conway.  Sponsors were Thomas Conway and MaryConway.  The date was June 2, 1844.  This child came to the a 5 or 6 year old and later married Ellen Coffield and had many descendents. He and several of his sons and descendents had long and illustrious careersin railroading... mostly with the forerunners of the Pensylvania Railroad.

This photo shows the baptismal entry for Mary, daughter of PeterGrennan & Mary Conlin.  Sponsors were Christopher Quinn andMary Kain.   The date was March 29, 1846.  The spelling"Conlin" is thought to be a "slip of the pen" or lapse of memory on thepart of the priest who made these entries.  As can be seen, therewere many many baptisms on this date; and it would be understandable thathe might have "messed up" on his notes or remembered a name incorrectly. Careful review of other documents confirms that this entry would HAVE TOBE "our" Mary Greenen's baptism; and the priest really did mean to write"Conway." This entry is the ONLY occurrance of the name "Conlin" in allthe records we reviewed in this parish.  The Mary Greenen whose baptismis recorded here made "the trip" to America with her family and later marriedPatrick Graham and had many descendents.

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