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This photo shows RoseAnn McGee at about age 15.
Born in 1855, she was the eldestchild of Catherine Drew McGee and William McGee.


Two pictures of Rose Ann, labelled "GrandmaSullivan" were found in the James Family collection in Phoenix.  Thesewill be scanned and posted in the near future.

We have nodocument to show when Rose was married; but we know it was before 1880;for she does not appear as a memeber of the McGee household in the 1880census.  We know that she marriedPatrick Sullivan; and thattheir first child, Gertrude Ellen Sullivan, was born in 1881. As far as we know, there is no picture available of Rose Ann's husband,Patrick Sullivan; but there is a tradition that he might have been brotheror cousin to Eugene Sullivan, who married Rose Ann's sister, MargaretMcGee.
The photo at rightshows Rose Ann's three eldest children, Gertrude Ellen in the middle,flanked by her two brothers,Danieland William.   The family apparently lived in Pettis County, Missouri, while the childrenwere growning up.

Little is known about Patrick Sullivan'soccupation; but it is assumed he grew up on one of the many farms nearthe McGee farm.  The early plats of the county have been studied andit is noted that there are a large number of farms near-by owned by Sullivans.

Sometime near the turn of the century, andbefore Oklahoma became a state, Patrick and Rose Ann Sullivan and theirchildren moved to the town of Wagner Oklahoma.  At that time it wascalled Wagner, Indian Territory.

Some 40 years after this picture, GertrudeEllen Sullivan's second cousin, Daniel Greenen Drew, also named his firsttwo sons "Dan & Bill."  The photo at right has been "shrunk" butcan be imported in full size and resolution.  The caption reads: "1892,Sedalia, Missouri.

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The pictureat left shows the youngest of Rose Ann McGee and Patrick Sullivan's fourchildren, Margrete Sullivan. 

Both she and her sister, Gertrude, werebeautiful young ladies.  I do not know much of her story except thatshe Married a man named Thomson and, I believe, had no children. She was active in the Red Cross as the United States prepared for WorldWar One; but then died a young and unexpected death.  I believe Iheard it was from typhoid fever.

Her death, in January of 1913, was in thesame month as her grandmother,Catherine Drew McGee; and, it issaid that her grandmother and all her McGee and Drew cousins were veryproud of her.  Her death is recorded in the McGee family bible.

We need to get more information about thismost interesting lady; and I will try to do so from the James family.


In time, Gertrude Ellen Sullivanand her children, grandchildren, and decendants will warrant a separateweb page.  Until I am better organized and have more information wewill have to be satisfied with the FABULOUS collection of pictures theJames family has collected.  In fact, there were so many awesome photosof this woman, I had a hard time picking out the best ones to pass on indigital format. 

This cousin of James H. Drew and our parentswas obviously a beautiful woman... and tradition has it that people "loved"to take her picture.  It is also a tradition that she "loved" to haveher picture taken!  Tradition also has it that she "sowed some wildoats" in her day; [as some of the photos suggest] but the James familyhas not yet let us in on the details.

Since this is a photo based history, I feelobligated to post these pictures even though we do not have a completehistory researched and prepared to accompany them.  I am posting thephotos in full size and resolution; but, because they are such AWESOMEphotos and some of them a century old, I think it will be worth the timeit takes to import them in the year 2000... realizing, of course, thatour grandchildren will be able to import such things in the blink of aneye.

Gertrude is shown here, at right, at about age 13.  Actually,her mother was first cousin to James "Harry" Drew, but because of "circumstances"[Gertrude was an "oldest child" and James H. was a "youngest"] they werejust a year apart in age... and hundreds of miles in geography... but theyknew each other well.

This photo may have been taken in connection with some sortof "play" or stage production... or it may have been just "playing around"...which Gertrude was said to be very good at!

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