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[Also called "College" on later maps]


The map above shows the entire island of Ireland.  The location of the Drew and Greenen ancestral homeplaces are marked.

The map above should take on a scale of about 1" to the mile on most computer screens.  Mullingar is at lower right and the places important to the Drew family history are all labelled on the map.  They are all to the west and north.   You will notice that the Grand Canal is a prominent feature as it flows through Mullingar (fed from Lough Owel) and then prominently through the region of the Drew homestead.

During our trip in September of 2000, we stopped on the Hill of Laraugh at a spot where it is said that Saint Patrick used to preach to multitudes of his followers.  The place has a sacred air about it and an awesome view, not captured well in this photo.  The photo, taken by John M. Drew, is looking west.  About two miles straight over the index finger lies Lakenstown; but it has no features that can be pointed out.  Daniel C. Drew is shown above (pretending to be Saint Patrick.)


The map above is a "blowup" which accounts for the bluriness.  Places important in the lives of our Drew ancestors are all labelled in red.

A scene from the Westmeath countryside.  The only feature not "typical" here is that no stone fences, or other stone structures are seen.  Throughout Westmeath, the use of stone for fences and homes is extremely prevalent.

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