Unfortunately, we were ill equipped when we visited the old Drew neighborhood in Cleveland in 2001; for none of the decendants of Harry & Blanche could recall the exact address of the home; though my Aunt Louise knew that it was on Bellmore Avenue just "a few houses south of Euclid Avenue."  I believe the series of photos below come as close as possible to showing the neighborhood, even though we were NOT able to find the exact house:
The search began with the help of St. Philomena's assistant pastor, Fr. Kleinweber who ferried us one block east and one block south of St. Philomena's... the corner of Belmore and Terrace.  From this corner, one looks downhill toward Euclid Avenue and sees "the old neighborhood."
Looking north down Belmore, one sees several homes and appartments that look similar to the background in the 1921 photo.  Aunt Louise, who lived there only as a little girl, believes the house was just a few houses from Euclid Avenue... which would place it down near the "tower" in the distance.  The homes down there, however, have been razed to make room for a parking lot; and thus it is possible that the old Drew home is no longer standing.